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"Thank you so much for having us visit on Knitzvah’s special day! Your group of knitters are so inspiring and so talented! Gifts for Teens appreciates the effort, time and love that goes into each item of clothing you create for others. Thank you all for giving us 150 items for the needy teens in our community!!"
   - Elaine Benoit

“Joining Knitzvah when I arrived at Chai House was the most satisfying move I have made. Making hats and other things gives me such pleasure. I love, love, love it.“   Thank you.

   - Merlene.

A Knitzvah Story:

"One of our young patients just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii with her husband.  She is very ill and that may have been their last trip together.  We gave her the beautiful light blue blanket that Knitzvah supplied.  It is the perfect reminder of her amazing trip to Hawaii, the color of the ocean and her toes in the warm sand.  Your kindness extends far beyond your skilled hands."

With sincere gratitude,

Angie Rosenbaum, RN.
Palliative Care Unit

Valley Medical Center

San Jose, CA

​​​​​​Since Knitzvah began in 2006, the "fabulous and amazing" Knitzvah members have created over 10,000 cuddly creations for 18 agencies serving thousands of people.

If you love to knit, crochet or sew; or really want to learn how, this is the group to join!  Knitzvah meets monthly and creates beautiful handmade items for preemie babies in the NICU, seniors who appreciate lap blankets to keep warm, cancer patients in need of colorful caps, and so much more. 

All ages welcome.  And it's FREE!

Knitzvah Meetings 2017
on Sundays from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon
Levy Family Campus
14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos

May 28 - Adult Lounge

​June 25 - Adult Lounge

July 16 - Adult Lounge

August 20 - Adult Lounge

September 17 - Adult Lounge

October 15 - Adult Lounge

November 19 - Adult Lounge

December 17 - Chai House

Another Knitzvah Story:

"I presented the incredible fidget blanket to my 91-year-old mother yesterday. She was immediately mesmerized and started touching and verbalizing. Each day she sees the blanket is like a new opportunity to fidget in a variety of ways. So many different textures to explore and "friends" to keep her company when I am not there.
The love and creativity that went into that blanket is such a gift, especially to those with dementia. Thank you for giving my mom the joy of discovery."