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Messages From Our President: Rich Namm


How Could We Do Any Less?
March 2017

How could we do any less?
When people fled affliction and disaster during ancient times, we
welcomed them into our tents.
When persecution by government and ignorance of the populace
gave rise to pogroms and shtetls, we shared what little we had.
When economic calamity of the 1920s created disruption and authoritarian
regimes in the 1930s, we comforted those in harm’s way and prayed for a miracle.
When outside forces threatened the state of Israel with intimidation and,
at times, much worse, we spoke together in support.

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Walking In Each Other’s Shoes

October 2016

We are the sons and daughters of refugees. Whether our grandparents,
great-grandparents or a more distant ancestor came to the US from another country, few of us can lay claim to be natives. We’ve fled persecution for a better life since biblical times. Some family members came to escape pogroms in the late 1800s while others left the chaos of Europe after World War I and still others reached our shores mere steps ahead of Hitler’s war machine. Are we any different than people fleeing tyranny today?

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Rich Namm

JFS SV President