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Hadar Feinberg

and Debbie Khan

During these challenging times, JFS SV is busy reaching out to our community in their time of need.  Although our offices are closed, we’re as busy as ever with virtual as well as “safe distance events” happening now.  Our agency provides government-defined essential services, so we can reach our community during these times of need.

Nurses caps made by Knitzvah

for Valley Medical Center.

Your support makes it possible for us to:

  • Keep up with the demand for home-delivered meals and groceries
  • Recruit more volunteers as necessary to reach out to our most frail clients
  • Hire additional counseling staff as the need for emotional support increases
  • Continue to assist recently-arrived refugees to help them navigate their strange, new world

Heroes Who Help Refugees 
"Hope is Essential for the Soul"

Last week we welcomed a young family

who escaped Syria. Along with our

Resettlement Coordinator Azita Eshagh, volunteers Hadar Feinberg and Debbie Khan, met them at the airport and drove them to their new apartment. Hadar and Debbie tell us why they do this:
Hadar:  I'm a Jewish Israeli immigrant, a mother of three and have been doing biochemistry research at Stanford for over 20 years. It's important for me to take the time to volunteer because it is such an easy act that can make an impact. I have lived a very fortunate life, but I see what is going on in the world and know that when I look back in five or ten years it will be important for me to know that I didn't sit idly by.  
My mother, Ruth, was born in Berlin in 1937 and was a Holocaust refugee. Her mother was able to flee with her to Sweden where they were joined by her father.  In 1945 they arrived as refugees to Israel. I was raised to believe that if you are in a position of privilege, it is your obligation to fight to improve the lives of those who are less advantaged than you.
Debbie:  I enjoy working with refugees because I feel these people are so incredibly brave to risk absolutely everything and come to the unknown. I believe that hope is one of the most essential things for the soul and these people are filled with so much hope they make me hopeful as well.  
Because I am blessed with more than so many others, this is an opportunity to reflect and to give back. If all that wasn't enough, I get to share the experience with my close friend and one of the most altruistic people I know.

Heroes Who Deliver Food
"A mini-mitzvah!"
Since the pandemic began, JFS SV expanded our food assistance program to its largest capacity ever. We tripled our Shabbat Meal and grocery deliveries - with dedicated volunteers making it possible for older adults at risk to stay safe, and to spend their limited funds on other vital needs. Meet two of our volunteer heroes:
Barbara Fishman: I consider delivering Shabbat dinners a mini-mitzvah.
It is easy for me to do, and is so appreciated by the recipients; especially during this strange and difficult time.
Tom Calderwood: With COVID-19 I was looking for a way to give back

to the local community.  Fortunately, the JCC reached out to members

to volunteer for JFS SV to grocery shop and deliver to those who can

no longer shop on their own. It doesn't take much time, and I get to visit

with people I wouldn't meet otherwise. In all cases, our clients have been

so appreciative - it makes a big difference!

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