New Household Assistance Needed

Newly arrived refugees need a great deal of assistance setting up new apartments as their first homes in America.

Please consult our Amazon wish list for newly arrived refugees: 

Call Us: 408.556.0600

Household Goods

Our refugees and new emigres have many household needs.  JFS SV welcomes your donations of computers, TVs, furniture and appliances.

TVs and Computers
JFS SV needs computers to give our resettlement clients

as part of our "Connections to Work" program. Please

consider making a tax deductible donation of your old

desktop or laptop computer, or monitor, Windows 7 or better.

Are you getting a new TV and need to free yourself from

your old one? Do you have an old TV sitting unused and

collecting dust? JFS SV is looking for light weight, late model

(after 2010) TV’s to donate to our resettlement clients.

Our refugee clients also need furnishings for their new residences.

If you have furniture, small appliances, and other household

resources in good condition, please contact us before you

donate so we can determine the best use of your gift.

For more information, please contact us at: