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Please follow these branding guidelines for Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley.  For full Branding Guidelines, click here.

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley logo evokes our values of social responsibility, compassion, and respect. The hamsa has been modernized and the heart has been added as a symbol of our responsiveness and caring.

Primary Logo
The color logo is our preferred version for primary use. Use the color versions whenever possible. The primary logo is the vertical logo shown on the right.

Secondary Logo
The secondary logo is the horizontal logo. The secondary logo maintains the same two colors.

Special Use Logos
​Use the black logo when contrast is insufficient for the
primary logo, or in cases where only black and white
printing is possible.

Use the reverse logo on dark backgrounds or when there is
insufficient contrast between the logo’s wordmark and the
background. (request reverse logos)

If two color printing is offered for a logo placed in reverse;
please use the Reverse with red heart logo.

For higher resolution logos or other formats

(PNG, JPG, EPS and SVG), contact JFS SV at


​Our primary color palette is comprised of three colors: blue,
red, and black.

Our blue is inspired by the blue found in the Israeli flag.
This blue symbolizes trustworthiness, professionalism,
dependability, and confidence. Our blue is an essential part of
our brand identity and should be evident in every
communication wherever possible.

Our red is the second primary color that symbolizes passion,
energy, and action. Use red as a primary accent whenever


​Our typography is about more than words. It’s an integral part of
our personality and design. When we’re making a statement in the
world, we want our visual language to be clear, recognized and

Our primary font is Gadugi.  When not available, use Calibri which is similar to Gadugi.

Our secondary font is Cambria.

Numbers for graphic emphasis should be in Gill Sans MT.


Our tagline is as follows:

Restoring Hope and Transforming Lives

Display the tagline on all content possible.

Branding Guidelines

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To download, right click on logo and Save file.

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