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Our JFS SV staff represents a diversity of backgrounds, many years of expertise, and the empathy to respond to community needs quickly, appropriately and effectively.

Chief Executive Officer
Mindy Berkowitz, MSW, MA
(408) 357-7455

Staff listed in alphabetical order by last name​​

Lori Cinnamon, MBA
Manager of Volunteer and

Community Engagement

(408) 357-7456

Vanessa Cortez, BA
Health Care Navigator
(669) 208-2258

Azita Eshagh, AA

Resettlement Coordinator
(408) 806-7225


Robin Feinman-Marino

Volunteer Coordinator

(408) 357-7467

Monique Guerra, BA

Operations Coordinator


Caroline Golpashin, BA

Refugee Services Case Manager​
(408) 806-7054

Jason Hall, MA
Director of Clinical and Social Services
(408) 357-7451

Danya Hazeghi, LCSW
Preferred Communities Coordinator

(408) 807-0772

Lucy Istomina, MA
JFS SV Older Adult Care Manager
(408) 806-0452

Khatera (Kat) Kakar, MA
Refugee Resettlement Case Manager
​(408) 656-0797

​Sumi Kamiya, MSW
Older Adult Services Social Worker
(408) 806-6231

JFS SV Staff

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chief Operating Officer

Susan Frazer, LCSW

​(408) 357-7453

Elena Kulvets, MS
Director of Administration
(408) 357-7406

Allyson Landers

Refugee Resettlement Housing Coordinator

(408) 806-3586

Natalie Lazar, BA

Coordinator of VESL Education
(408) 656-0590

Michelle Lee, MNM
Director of Refugee Resettlement and Career Services
(408) 357-7452

Irina Mandelboym, MA

Holocaust Survivor

Client Services Coordinator

(408) 357-7458

Olga Mezheritskaya, MS

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

(408) 357-7542

Debbie Michels, BA
Manager, Public Relations
(408) 556-0600

Sandra Pannell, MA

Project NOAH Social Worker

(408) 802-5802

Jeremy Ramos, Ed.D
Lead Career Counselor

Nellie Rochon-Ellis, MA
Career Counselor

(669) 240-8734

Belinda Suntop, BS
Refugee Services Case Manager

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