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​​​How You Can Help Refugees

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JFS SV has resettled 45 refugees throughout the pandemic.

We’re blessed to have caring volunteers who commit to helping newcomers in myriad ways.

  • Hear from Hadar0:40
  • Hear from Hadar0:40

​​​​Support JFS SV resettlement programs support a multitude of clients who struggle to make a new life in America. Our volunteers include ESL (English As Second Language) tutors and teachers, and career mentors

ESL Tutoring
JFS SV needs experienced ESL teachers to volunteer in our classroom. We need people with ESL teaching experience who can commit a minimum of 1 to 2 hours per week for at least six months to work with ESL beginners.

For more info, contact:

Lori Cinnamon, MBA
Manager of Community of Volunteer Engagement


Career Mentors
Do you have knowledge of any of these fields: education, finance, medicine/healthcare, environment, beauty, IT, machining and manufacturing, construction …or other industries?

JFS SV seeks volunteers willing to provide tips and information to help our clients learn about working in the U.S. Many of our clients have advanced degrees and work experience in other countries, but need guidance in finding opportunities here.

As a volunteer mentor, you will provide advice on job trends, entry-level opportunities or internships, professional associations and perhaps even referrals to good contacts about jobs or informational interviews. You may help by reviewing a resume and directing the job seeker in the right direction.

We need mentors from many industries, currently working or recently retired, willing to accept a phone call or take time to meet with our clients at our offices at the Levy Family Campus.

If you can help, please contact:

Nellie Rochon-Ellis, MA
Career Counselor

Other Ways You Can Volunteer to Help Refugees

  • Drive clients to appointments. We need volunteers who speak Farsi or Russian to take new arrivals to their appointments during business hours. Driving volunteers need to have  a clean driving record and car in good working order.
  • Donate and deliver nutritious snacks for refugee students in our Connections to Work program.  Suggested snacks include: oatmeal packets, individual yogurts, fruit and granola bars
  • Pick up donated snacks from Starbucks and other stores.
  • Create an employment network with our Connections to Work clients.
  • Deliver food and small furniture items to refugee families. Furniture delivery requires a truck in good working order and clean driving record.
  • Hold group events which could include:  toiletry/food drives, kitchen/household items “shower” for a refugee family.
  • Spearhead new projects to benefit  recently arrived refugees.
  • Donate to the Emergency Fund for Refugees.

To volunteer or for more info, contact:

Lori Cinnamon, MBA
Manager of Volunteer and Community Engagement
(408) 357-7456

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Refugee Support

Debbie and Hadar arrive at the airport to greet and pick up a newly arrived refugee family