A Client Testimonial:

“Our family had the opportunity to deliver a Hanukkah gift basket to Dr. and Mrs. B.  Talking through tears, Dr. B told us how many of his family members were killed during the Holocaust, and how his father had lost faith in G-d after surviving the atrocities of WW2.  As a result, his family did not celebrate the Jewish holidays after the end of the war.

It was a fantastic experience for our family and very rewarding to have our 10 year old son meet and talk with a man so committed to his faith after having experienced so many trying times during his life.   We thank all of you for providing the opportunity for us to do a mitzvah.  It was very rewarding.”

JFS SV volunteers make a big difference in the lives of our senior community. Holiday Package Preparers and Deliverers bring connection and nutrition to frail elderly.  Chaplain Aides lead Shabbat at local senior retirement facilities, and JFS’ Friendly Visitors bring friendship and a sense of community to isolated seniors.

Friendly Visitors
Create a lasting friendship with an isolated senior or disabled adult through weekly visits. Our Friendly Visitors always say they get so much more than they give.  JFS is in need of empathetic and committed volunteers to become Friendly Visitors.  A JFS Friendly Visitor is matched up with an isolated senior for a weekly or every other week visit, often forming lasting friendships with the senior.

Shabbat Meal Delivery Volunteers
This is a wonderful and easy way to bring joy. connection and nutrition to an isolated senior. Deliveries take place on Friday. Volunteers must have their own transportation.  Learn more.

Chaplain Aides

Lead monthly services at a local senior facility on Friday afternoons or early evenings. Bring Jewish connection and memories to an appreciative audience. You should be comfortable leading an abridged Hebrew service and short ‘drash’ discussion, and developing a connection with seniors.

For more info on any of these volunteer opportunities, contact:

Lori Cinnamon, MBA
Manager of Volunteer and
Community Engagement
(408) 357-7456

Senior Outreach

Call Us: 408.556.0600