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Older Americans Month

May is designated as Older Americans Month. This year, the theme is “Aging Unbound” which offers an opportunity to explore diverse aging experiences and discuss how communities can combat stereotypes. We all benefit when older adults remain engaged, independent and included.

Unfortunately, about half of US adults say they have experienced loneliness and the U.S. surgeon general recently stated that widespread loneliness in the U.S. poses health risks as deadly as smoking a dozen cigarettes daily, costing the health industry billions of dollars annually and declaring this a public health pandemic.

Loneliness increases the risk of premature death by nearly 30%, with the report revealing that those with poor social relationships also had a greater risk of stroke and heart disease. Isolation also elevates a person’s likelihood of experiencing depression, anxiety and dementia.

JFS SV’s addresses these issues through our unique care management program that coordinates and manages the medical, social and emotional needs of older adults.

At JFS SV, our care managers work closely with clients to ensure their social and emotional needs are met through the creation of a personalized plan that includes group activities, counseling and companionship. JFS SV is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for older adults and their families, and our commitment to addressing social isolation and loneliness through a range of programs and services underscores our mission to ensure that no one in their community feels alone.

Visit our website to learn more about JFS SV’s older adult services, ways you can volunteer with our older adult clients or other ways you can support our work.

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