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JFS Silicon Valley helps vulnerable individuals, families and older adults achieve well-being, health and stability.  We provide comprehensive client-centered services to people of all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or ability to pay. JFS Silicon Valley also provides services to meet the particular needs of Jewish individuals in the community.

Support and Services

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Adults & Families

Rick & Doris Davis Center for Aging & Caregiver Services
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Refugees &

Older Adult

Meal Delivery

Rick & Doris Davis Center for Aging & Caregiver Services

The Rick and Doris Davis Center for Aging and Caregiver Services

The Rick and Doris Davis Center for Aging and Caregiver Services provides a comprehensive menu of services to support older adults and their caregivers so they can live in their own homes safely with quality and dignity for as long as possible.

Care Management

Our professional care managers advocate on behalf of older adults, helping solve problems and communicating with physicians, hospitals, care providers and families. Care managers coordinate all aspects of care, navigate the healthcare system and provide peace of mind to family members.

Fall Prevention

JFS Silicon Valley’s occupational therapist will do an in-home assessment, make recommendations and coordinate acquiring adaptive equipment to prevent the potential for falls in the home.

Caregiver Support

Caring for a loved one can be challenging. JFS Silicon Valley care managers will work closely with caregivers to assist in the coordination of care, providing them with solutions and tools to better support themselves and their loved ones.

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Friendly Visitors

Human connection and engagement have a positive impact on an older adult’s physical and mental health. Our care management includes the option to have a committed and friendly volunteer visitor provide extra care, companionship and support to create better health outcomes and enhance well being.

Holocaust Survivor Services

In addition to the general aging and caregiver services given to older adult clients, JFS Silicon Valley provides supportive services to 150 Holocaust survivors and their families to assist in maintaining their financial, emotional and physical well-being. Support includes:

  • Reparations claims assistance and up-to-date Claims Conference Information

  • Emergency services and financial assistance from KAVOD SHEF

  • Case management and counseling for survivors and their families

  • Home visits and food assistance

For questions and to complete an intake with The Rick and Doris Davis Center for Aging and Caregiver Services,

email or call the Intake Specialist (408) 806-6231.

Adults and Families

Adults & Families

JFS Silicon Valley provides a safety net of case management, counseling, advocacy and emergency assistance to people in the community facing a life crisis or ongoing challenges. Jewish history and values guide our work, so we work to meet the particular needs of the Jewish community while also providing services to people of all backgrounds.

Our experienced staff conduct a professional assessment for the individual or family and determine which programs and services are most appropriate to meet the client’s needs.

Case Management Support

Client's co-create care plans with a social worker that may include assistance with covering essentials such as utilities, clothing, small household items and transportation.

Emergency Food Assistance

Our food assistance program includes food packages, supermarket gift cards, food drives and food pantry.

“Embrace-A-Family” Holiday Gift Program

Our Embrace-A-Family holiday gift program provides toys and gifts to low-income children and adults struggling at the holiday season.

“Equipped to Learn” Back-to-School Drive

Our Equipped to Learn Back-To-School program provides backpacks, school supplies and school clothing for students of all ages from pre-school through adult learners.

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Refugees & Immigrants

The Jewish community understands what it is like to leave one’s home and resettle in a foreign land. That historic experience fuels our desire to help refugees and immigrants make a successful transition to self-sufficiency. Our culturally diverse staff is recruited directly from the communities we serve.

Refugee Resettlement & Acculturation Services

JFS Silicon Valley is a leading refugee resettlement agency in the Western United States and one of three agencies resettling refugees in Northern California.  We protect refugees who have experienced persecution due to their religion, ethnicity, political expression or sexual orientation/identity.  They come from all over the world and flee dire and violent circumstances.

Serving hundreds of individuals annually, we provide:

  • Support and guidance through the 90-day resettlement process

  • Assistance finding temporary and permanent housing

  • Help enrolling in and accessing government benefits

  • Vocational ESL classes and mentoring 

  • Career counseling and placement support

  • Access to medical and mental health services

  • Assistance to families with school enrollment

  • Legal immigration services for asylum seekers

For more information about our refugee services, please contact our Refugee Services Intake Coordinator at (408) 807-0772

Refugee Resettlement FAQ

  • What is a refugee?
    There are different classifications for people seeking to come to the United States. Refugee: A refugee is someone who has fled from his or her home country due to war and violence and cannot return because he or she has a well-founded fear of persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation or membership in a particular social group. They have fled human rights abuse or conflict and have sought asylum outside their home country. A person who is approved into the U.S. under refugee status, is eligible for medical and cash assistance, may work immediately upon arrival into the U.S. and must apply for a Green Card and citizenship status. Humanitarian Parole: Individuals who are outside of the United States may be able to request parole into the United States based on urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons. Parole allows an individual, who may be inadmissible or otherwise ineligible for admission into the United States to be paroled in the United States for a temporary period. Parole is usually granted for no more than 1 year but may be extended longer depending on the reason for the parole. A person granted temporary parole may be eligible to work in the U.S. but is not eligible for medical or cash benefits. Asylum: An asylum seeker is someone who is seeking international protection but whose claim for refugee status has not yet been determined. People seeking asylum in the U.S. can only do so if they are physically present in the United States. An asylum seeker may apply for employment authorization after applying for asylum. If asylum is granted, the asylum seeker may then apply for permanent residency.
  • Who do we resettle?
    JFS Silicon Valley is assigned refugee resettlement clients by the U.S. State Department and HIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). In recent years, our resettlement clients have primarily come from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the former Soviet Union, Africa, Syria and Burma. Due to the recent war in Ukraine, we are now serving Ukrainian newcomers arriving in Santa Clara County. HIAS determines the best resettlement location for candidates, utilizing determinants such as family ties and health factors.
  • What services does JFS Silicon Valley provide to refugees?
    We resettle refugees at arrival and also provide comprehensive case management including social services, language and vocational services, cultural and integration services, information and assistance and volunteer support. For a full list of services, please see the list above.
  • What is the refugee screening process?
    Refugees undergo 18-24 months of screening before being allowed to enter the U.S. The first step for most refugees is to register with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the country to which s/he has fled. The UNHCR performs an initial assessment, including collecting biographical data and biometrics. Qualifying refugees are then referred to the United States for resettlement and vetted by a Resettlement Support Center (RSC). The RSC creates an applicant file, collects important documents and compiles information to conduct biographic security checks. National security agencies, including the National Counterterrorism Center/Intelligence Community, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the State Department all conduct checks. The Department of Homeland Security and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services personnel who are specially trained in interviewing, conduct in-person interviews. Fingerprints are collected and submitted. A thorough medical screening then takes place. Refugees are then screened by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and The Transportation Security Administration program. After one year in the U.S., they are required to apply for a green card, which triggers another set of security procedures.
  • When did JFS Silicon Valley begin resettling refugees?
    JFS Silicon Valley began assisting refugees in 1978. The agency was a leader in resettling Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union in the 1980’s who resettled here in Santa Clara County. JFS SV also resettled Iranian refugees who fled as a result of the Iranian Revolution and the fall of the Persian monarchy. JFS Silicon Valley continues to be a premier agency providing comprehensive resettlement services to refugees and immigrants from all over the world resettling in Santa Clara County and the greater Bay Area.
  • Why does JFS Silicon Valley also resettle refugees?
    Jewish history and values guide our work. The commandment to treat strangers with kindness and love them as ourselves is mentioned 36 times in the Torah (Jewish bible), more than any other commandment. We understand from our devastating first-hand experience the tragedy that occurs when citizens and nations turn a deaf ear and blind eye to those who are fleeing persecution, war and terror.
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P.O. Box 320490

Main Office: (408) 556-0600

Intake Specialist for Refugee Services: (408) 357-7457


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