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Center for Aging and Caregiver Services Impact Story

For Emily, arthritis was making it harder for her to get around her home and run errands. Fortunately, she contacted our Center for Aging and Caregiver Services team for help. After an in-home assessment, our Occupational Therapist recommended a four-wheel walker and bathroom hand bars to support Emily with safety and stability so that she could be more independent at home.

Our JFS SV Care Manager attended a doctor's appointment with Emily and advocated for a prescription for the walker so that she would have no out-of-pocket costs.

JFS SV Center for Aging & Caregiver Services

Our professional Center for Aging and Caregiver Services team connect with our clients to support the unique needs of older adults, like Emily. With this approach to preventative care, we aim to reduce the need for medical services and improve a client’s ability to stay home safely. For more information on our full list of services and how you can help, please visit our website at or call (408)556-0600.

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