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The One Year Anniversary of the War in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Dear Friends,

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, sparking one of the largest geopolitical crises in years with consequences that have reverberated across the globe. The full-scale war created a forced displacement crisis both within and across the country’s borders forcing more than 8 million people to flee the country seeking safety, among them women, girls, immigrants, and other minority groups, particularly vulnerable to violence, exploitation, and trafficking.

JFS SV is proud to be one of only a few agencies throughout the U.S. at the forefront of resettling Ukrainian newcomers, welcoming them with open arms, providing emergency financial support and case management, and connecting them to vital resources and services. To date, we’ve supported 150 Ukrainians and expect to aid at least 250 more families this year, mostly women and children as the men stay behind to support the war effort.

However, our work is complex. Most Ukrainians coming to JFS SV are trapped in a gap – refugees who need to restore their lives here, but they don’t have refugee status. As a result, the amount of funding we receive from the federal government is not sufficient to support the essential work that is required to help Ukrainian refugees restore their lives.

As the war in Ukraine enters a second year, there is little indication that hostilities will cease anytime soon. Renewed fighting in the spring is expected, which could worsen the humanitarian crisis.

JFS SV is ready to welcome the hundreds of Ukrainians expected to come here this year, but we need your help! Your donations help provide support for food, housing, transportation, clothing, case management, ESL classes, career services and so much more.

The grief and trauma that Ukrainian refugees are experiencing is overwhelming, but together, we can help restore their hope and transform their lives.

With gratitude,


Watch NBC National correspondent Jay Gray's story on how JFS SV is supporting Ukrainian newcomers here in the Bay Area.

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