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The War In Ukraine – One Year Later

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

February 24th , 2023 marks the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion in Ukraine bringing war to the country and displacing approximately 12 million people with half of them fleeing to

other countries, including the United States.

JFS SV is one of three resettlement agencies in Northern California providing case management and resettlement services to Ukrainian newcomers coming to the Bay Area. We expect to provide resettlement services to hundreds of Ukrainian newcomers this year.

One family we are helping is Mariana, a mom with two young sons. Read her full story in the SJ Wish Book where she was featured. Her story is one of hundreds that we hear every day at JFS SV.

The Ukrainians who come to us are trapped in a gap – refugees who need to rebuild their lives but they don’t have refugee status. They are considered Humanitarian Parolees, so they don’t have access to certain federal and refugee services and funding that those with refugee status have.

Most of our clients come with one suitcase or backpack carrying all their belongings. JFS SV

helps by providing them with toiletries and grocery store and Target gift cards. We connect

them with health care services and county food resources.

Our housing committee helps them look for temporary and permanent housing and provides

them with essential household goods and furniture.

JFS SV enrolls clients in our ESL classes and connects them to our career counselor who’s

helping them look for employment. One of the byproducts of these ESL classes, is that the

Ukrainians have connected with each other forming a supportive community helping with each other’s children and carpooling to school.

And most of all, the Ukrainian refugees know they have a JFS case manager to call anytime who speaks their language and supports them through whatever challenges they’re facing. They know they have a place to turn and are not alone.

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