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Donate to the Ruth Perkins Fund For Refugee Services

The Ruth Perkins Fund for Refugee Services was established to help support refugees in their time of need. With your generous donation, we can provide essential services such as shelter, food, clothing, and medical assistance. Join us in making a difference by donating to this fund, and help us provide a brighter future for those in need.

Help Restore Hope and Transform Lives

Your donation helps provide essentials to refugees coming to live in America after fleeing their homeland. These essentials include new beds, bedding, strollers and car seats, Target gift cards for household essential items, back to school shoes and clothing for refugee children, legal immigration services, case management and transportation services.

These services ensure that our refugee clients have everything they need to begin to stabilize and become self-sufficient in their new communities.

How Your Gift Can Help

Wheel Infographic showing what your gift amount goes towards. Ranges from $1000 to $100,000
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New bedding for

10 refugees

Back to school clothes and shoes for 20 refugee children

Target gift certificates for essential household supplies for 50 refugee families

Strollers and car seats for 20 refugee families

One month Clipper bus transportation cards for 100 refugee families

20 beds for newly arrived refugees

One-month temporary housing for 12 newly arrived refugee families

Case management for refugees with special issues (PTSD, mental/physical illness, LGBTQ+ issues) 

Legal immigration services for 65 refugees and asylum seekers

Career counseling services for 100 refugee job seekers

Other Ways You Can Help!

Other Ways You Can Help
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