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California Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program Receives Funding

JFS SV is pleased to announce that we received a $2.6 million allocation (to be used over 3 years) from the California Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program (CHSAP) to provide support for the 250+ Holocaust survivors we serve in Santa Clara County. Services provided by JFS SV

will include care management, occupational therapy, homecare services and group programming which will help survivors live in their own homes with dignity and quality.

Holocaust Survivors are increasingly frail and vulnerable, and they have staggering unmet needs related to home-care, nutrition, transportation, and housing. Existing community-based services are inadequate to serve their needs. In addition, while the size of the survivor

population is decreasing, many survivors who did not need assistance previously now need help to get through their daily lives. Thus, the number of survivors needing assistance is increasing.

Costs to provide this care are also increasing. While many agencies receive significant funding from the Claims Conference, funding has not kept up with demand and expenses, and there is significant unmet need that is quickly turning into a crisis. With these funds from CHSAP, JFS SV can help prevent the very things Survivors should never have to face again: eviction, hunger, inadequate medical care, loneliness, social isolation, and despair.

If you know of a Holocaust survivor who needs our support, visit our “Get Help” page on our


To learn more about ways you can support Holocaust survivors, visit our “Get Involved” page on our website.

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