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Letter From CEO

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Dear Friends,

This month we recognize the one-year anniversary of the Ukrainian War.  This is an opportunity to acknowledge the resilience and grit of refugees who have endured loss of their homes, families and identity for who they once were.  JFS SV has worked hard over the past year to ensure that newly arrived Afghan and Ukrainian refugees have the essentials that they need to rebuild their lives – food, clothing, financial assistance, housing, medical care, and so much more.

However, nothing can be more impactful than the connection to community. Community is the foundation of society. Community provides stability, purpose and self-worth which are critical factors for any individual’s ability to thrive.

Through our JFS SV ESL classes, Afghan and Ukrainian refugees alike, have fostered new

friendships as they share a commonality in their journeys that few others can understand.  They have created their own communities of support where they can be embraced by one another to meet the daily challenges of being separated from their homes and families in a country that is so different from their own.  These communities have created opportunities for refugee children to connect with other children who share their same language and culture, creating vital normalcy in their lives.

When our community is strong, we all thrive.  JFS SV is grateful to you and the larger

community who have provided our JFS SV clients support over this past year, whether through volunteerism, donations through our Embrace-a-Family program, or through direct financial support.  Community transforms and empowers lives, not only for those who receive support, but for those who give it.  The refugee crisis is far from over, but I am comforted that community will be there to support our work and the lives of newcomer refugees in the months and years ahead.

With gratitude,



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