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Strengthening local Jewish agencies is more important than ever!

Since the attack in Israel on October 7th, Jewish donors are supporting Israel to an unprecedented degree.  Understandably.


In an article by Barry Finestone in the J. on November 7th, he stated:

He continued, “Unless philanthropy steps up in the U.S. as well, there is a genuine chance much of the organizational structure we have spent generations building will be stretched to the limits.”

Our local Jewish institutions and agencies, including Jewish Family Services of Silicon valley need your continued support. We are the "beating heart of Jewish life outside of Israel."

In the wake of the war in Israel, Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley has stepped up to provide support to the community in ways we never expected.

The increased care management, security measures, and emotional support services come with a hefty price tag.

So, give to Israel and the causes abroad that touch your heart.

AND continue or start giving to your local Jewish community, including Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley.

Donate to help us support our Holocaust survivors.


Donate to help us provide mental health and emotional support to people struggling to make sense of the chaos in the world right now.


Donate to help us provide support to the Israelis coming to us seeking emergency financial assistance and help accessing local resources.


Donate to help us enhance our security.


Donate to help support our Berkowitz Kosher Food Assistance program supporting the ONLY kosher food pantry in Santa Clara County.

If you are inclined, come volunteer with us as well.  Our community is strengthened when we act together and help those in need!

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